So... Hello there!

I'm Dimitris, mostly known as Vakri. I have now managed to become what I believe I was cut out to be; a professional Designer and Photographer.

What's more, in my leisure time I am fond of playing Basketball, let alone the Drums!


I studied Graphic Design at the Technological Institute of Athens, focusing my skills around custom website building and UI/UX application design. I have also attended Photography seminars which have given me the opportunity to turn my passion into my profession.

How can I help you?

I consider myself an expert in a variety of fields such as branding identities, custom websites, mobile applications and almost any kind of photo shoot.


Notably, I also have capable partners working by my side. I put this strong team together with the aim of meeting any demands and requests.

Photo Contest

Guess what? I am a proud co-founder and co-owner of Photo Contest community; a Greek social website which not only holds photo contests, but also keeps members informed about photography news and special events through various articles whilst broadcasting through its own YouTube channel.

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