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Dimitris Vakrinos

The Designer

Truth is I had never imagined my life as a designer when I was a kid, but now I can’t imagine my life without being a designer.

I’m an organization freak that thinks that communication is a very important aspect in life and the same goes for design. Design is all about getting the message across successfuly and in order to do that one has to be able to fully understand a client’s needs, organize their thoughts and meet their demands. This is where I focus on the most.

By becoming a localization designer, working for Netflix, Disney and Amazon, I imperceptibly fell in love with typography and suddenly became my thing, basing my whole design thinking on typography.

Behind the scenes

I live in Athens, Greece with my wife who is also a designer and when I’m not working I like to play basketball with my team, listen to music, play the drums and watch anime. Also, I’m currently learning Japanese, trying to achieve one more goal in my life.