The History of Civil


Civil is one of the oldest and largest companies on plastic packaging in Greece. Through their high quality products Civil has managed to secure powerful a strong position in the Greek market.

Present / Future

After 40 years, the company has invested in new equipment, aiming to decrease its environmental footprints, while contributing to the recycling of lightbulbs, batteries and electrical appliances.

plastic packaging factory

The goal was to design an eco-friendly logo, that combines the red color and the word “plastic”. Challenge accepted.

civil plastic packaging logo

Circle shape

The logo is based in the shape of a circle, by using the letter C, which is connected to “recycle” and is the most friendly shape.

Hidden arrow

The negative form of the letter C forms a circle arrow that indicates the recycle process and the eco-friendly spirit of the brand.

Similar font

Since it’s a rebranding, the font used for the new logo was similar to the one used for the previous logo, but more modern.

Did you manage to spot the hidden arrow?

Responsive logo

Can take four different forms in order to adapt to the situation

civil logo responsive design
desktop interface ui ux app website

Custom design icons

Civil company produces flexible packaging used by pharmaceutical industries, food industries, as well as hospitals, hotels, stores and general industrial establishments. Therefore, custom design icons are needed to depict these categories.

Mobile website

Responsive design

As any other modern website these days, Civil’s website is fully responsive in any device. You can check it live in

mobile interface ui ux app