Strict, yet friendly and minimal

Logo Design

The brand name derives from the Greek mountain Elikonas, thus we thought it would be a wise choice for the logo to depict this location, where the product is produced.

This minimal and strict approach shows the quality of the product and by adding the established date we ensure that the potential customer will feel this cheese’s traditional taste, before they taste it.

Grill Cheese

The Elikon grill cheese is a cheese closely related to the traditional Formaella and the Cypriot Halloumi. It is produced exclusively from sheep’s and goat’s milk and, like its cousins, has a robust texture that allows you to grill it even straight over coal without losing its shape.

It is often kept in our fridge for a quick snack or an easy appetizer. Its chewy texture and savory, full flavor blends very nicely with most chutneys.

Two different packages

Packaging Design

Elikon cheese has two main packages. The first one is a very unique triangle-like with rounded corners that is used for the feta cheese. This cheese stays inside wooden barrels for a long time, hence the wooden texture on the background of the label.

The second one is a rounded package for the grill chese. For this case we used a photograph that depicts the final outcome of the product, after being grilled, making it more desirable.