Shooting for e-shop & social media

Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets consisting of different earth materials and designed with love by Akrivi Stamatelopoulou.




On Location

Backstage video

A small taste of a typical shooting we made back in 2017

Catalogue Design

The Penguin Handmade Stories has a wide variety 16+ different collections and over 1500 pieces of jewelry!

Catalogue design for jewelry
The grid

Layout design

In order to fit in perfectly any type of jewelry, a 3×5 grid was designed that can adapt to the needs of each page.

Also full page photos are placed to occasionally to make it look like a fashion magazine and promote even better certain jewelry.

The distinguish

Collection page

Since there are over 16 collections in this catalogue, it is clearly important for one to be able to understand where a collection ends and a new one starts.

For this purpose, a full page was designed to mark the first page of each collection, including a title and a small description about the style of the jewelry you are about to see.

Catalogue design for jewelry

Thank you for watching!

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